January 28, 2002 - Auckland Day

Monday was Auckland Day, the local provincial anniversary holiday. It also seems to be the official end of summer holidays, since schools open on Wednesday.

Like most holidays, we did nothing much. I got in my first ride since arriving, an early morning ride from Mark's house in Rocky Bay to Oneroa, the town nearest the ferry. Many hills, but the first one, out of Rocky Bay is the killer; about a mile straight up. 20.3km round trip, max speed 56.6kph, average speed 7.9kph, total ascent 404 meters, max elevation 75 meters, so you can see there were a lot of hills.

Spent most of the morning trying to fit everything into the trailer and onto the bike for the Wednesady start. I got it all on. It turns out that this was a false accomplishment.

The rest of the day was spent chatting with Mark & Marine, doing a little food shopping, watching the boats leave the cove in front of their house and going for a walk around Rocky Bay and in the local reserve--a lazy holiday overall.

Updated: 16 March 2002