This is a daily index to the entries in my New Zealand Web Log.

January 22, 2002 On My Way
January 23, 2002 Arrived In New Zealand
January 25, 2002 The Cyber Cafe; Waiheke; A Day In Auckland
January 21, 2002 I'm Off Tomorrow
January 28, 2002 Waiheke Photos

January 30, 2002 Finally Started
January 31, 2002 Windy Friday Morning; About Dates and Times; Actrix; Southerlies

February 1, 2002 Set The Clock; Fellow Travellers
February 2, 2002 On to Blenheim; A Ride To Windward
February 4, 2002 A Short Ride; The Kaikoura Coast; Waiheke Photos; Some More Pictures
February 6, 2002 Rain and Wind in Kaikoura; Riding Into A Gale of Wind; A Few More Photos
February 7, 2002 Cheviot Daily Digest only
February 9, 2002 Lots of Hills; It Seems To Be Winter; Finely A Fine Day; New Photos
February 10, 2002 Another Slow SundayJanuary 29, 2002 An Inauspicious Start; An Island Tour; Auckland Day
February 12, 2002 Hot and Sunny, Finally; Summer Went Missing
February 13, 2002 Some New Photos
February 14, 2002 The Olde Presbytery; Home of Nessie Jones
February 15, 2002 Summer is Still Missing; 200 Kilometers To Dunedin
February 16, 2002 The Hills Farmstay
February 17, 2002 The Hall Coastal Backpackers; A Day Off; A Sunny Sunday; New Photos
February 19, 2002 Pleasant Valley Camp; The Asylum Lodge, Today's Photos
February 20, 2002 Only One Sunny Day At A Time, A Gray Monday; A Killer Hill; Notes From The Asylum; Today's Photos
February 21, 2002 Over The Mountains and Through The Woods; Photos On The Way To Dunedin
February 22, 2002 Dunedin Lodge/Leviathan Hotel; Dunedin, Day Two
February 23, 2002 Happy-Inn Backpackers, Into The Southland
February 26, 2002 Strathearn Cottage Farmstay
February 28, 2002 A Lazy Sunday in Milton, A Monday Meteorological Mistake , Onward to Invercargill--Unintentionaly, On To The End Of The Road--and then some , Stewart Island , Photos from Dunedin to Stewart Island

March 2, 2002 More Stewart Island; Reflections on Equipment and Cycle Touring; Reflections on Lodging
March 3, 2002 More Photos from Stewart Island
March 5, 2002 Leaving Stewart Island; Returning to Auckland