January 22, 2002 - On My Way

I'm finally on my way. Strangely, there were no hassles at the airport. I have to admit that we got there very early, since there was no traffic. But there were no lines. Checking the bicycle case and the large (66 lb.) duffel with the trailer and everything else went smoothly. Going through security would have been a little slow since they seem to be looking at things more slowly (hopefully more carefully), but there was no line there either.

As I write this installment, I'm on the plane to LA with about a half hour left of the flight. It seems about half empty, even in business class, which, in my previous experience, has always been full (usually upgraded frequent fliers). I wonder what the LA-Auckland leg will be like (other than long!).

I had enough United frequent flier miles left to take this trip in business class, which makes the long flight bearable. I've taken more than enough long flights in coach, and, if the plane is full, can be mind and body numbing.

I expect to sleep on the flight to Auckland. It's 13 hours long and, since it leaves at the equivalent of 1 am in my current internal time zone, I should have no problem getting to sleep.

On arriving in NZ, the plan is to take a bus into the city and meet friends, Mark & Marine, who will be taking me in for a few days while I get aclimated and put everything together.

Stay tuned as to how the arrival goes.

Updated: 15 March 2002