New Zealand 2007
Here We Go Again
In 2002, I took a winter trip to New Zealand and bicycled the length of the South Island. It was chronicled as an on-line journal using  Radio UserLand  as I went along and turned it into a handcrafted web site when I returned home.
In 2003, my wife, Ellen, and I (and our dog Sam) moved to New Zealand, settling on Waiheke Island. We lived there for three years and returned to the US in October 2006. Ellen chronicled many of our travels and other incidents while we lived there.
It is now 2007 and winter again in New England, so it seems a good time to go back again to summer and do some more cycling and travel and perhaps some work. While we sold our house on Waiheke, we kept our campervan, the Brawny Bongo, just for this reason. Unlike the first trip, where I did a solo unsupported bicycle tour towing a BOB trailer, this time it will be a self-sagged tour, using the Bongo as a sag wagon, driving it from place to place and using it as a base to do cycling day trips. At least that’s the plan....
I’ll be attempting to journal it again, as I go along. This time using iWeb on my new MacBook and uploading it to my domain web site.